Thursday, March 27, 2008

Missing in Action

Well it's been awhile. Kinda got busy with life. Not that any body reads this. I just haven' had any thing to write about.

We did have a wonderful Easter service at my church. Our music director choreograph the whole service. We started out with a song then had the scripture passage read, the a song, 2 of the most moving parts of the service to me was the Lord supper and a song that was sung as well as signed. We don't have any one in our church that is deaf, but the young ladies who did the song did a wonderful job. There is nothing more beautiful to me than seeing a song signed, the flowing motions of the movements. I didn't watch the young lady that sang because I could not take my eyes off of the young woman signing. We partook of the Lords supper with out a word being spoken, it was so reverent and worshipful. The service started out with baptisim, and ended with a touching testimony. What a wonderful way to spend an easter morning.

The only down fall of the whole service was the air conditioning, for some unknown reason the air stayed on the whole time we were in the choir loft. We like to froze, it was so cold. I was miserable. I later made the statement that Christ wasn't comfortable on the cross so why should I be comfortable. Satan tried to take the joy of the message away by getting me to focus on my physical condition at the time. Do you know how hard it is to sing with your teeth chattering together. Hard!!!!!!!!! When I focused on the message and not on myself I found the joy.

Hope you had a meaningful Easter, and a joyful one.

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Dawn Ward said...

We had communion on Palm Sunday. I, too, had the most worshipful (is that a word?) experience that day. The entire service focused on what it means to take communion, and I can not even begin to describe how close I felt to the Lord that day. I was so blessed!