Saturday, June 7, 2008

21st birthday party

Here she comes, she really dosen't look 21. She will appericate that later on in life. We had a great time, as you can see Dalton had to help MeMe blow out the "cake". We all had a blast. here's to your future M.
(sorry the picutres aren't in order I still haven't figured that part out of this yet.)

Friday, June 6, 2008

My" 21" year old "Baby"

Our baby girl (don't tell her she is really the middle child) turns 21 Friday.
Where did the time go? Just yesterday we were on our way to the hospital, finally in real labor. I had had two weeks of Braxton-Hicks contractions oh and did I mention that M was 2 weeks late. She was suppose to arrive on May the 30th but no she waited until June 6th. I know God knows what he is doing but I was very pregnant and very miserable. (Don't ask God for patience because he will sure give it to you.) She was such a precious gift, not that all my children weren't but Emily was different. Right from the beginning I knew she was going to be different. She was my good baby, you know the kind you hear other people talk about. She wanted to be fed, changed and put in her bed when bed time came at night,no rocking or cuddling just put her down and leave her alone. She is still pretty much like that today. When Emily would wake up in the morning she didn't cry she would lay in her bed and coo and look around. When you went to get her she was always smiling glad to see you. Not that I can say that about her now when you go to wake her up. Emily has for the most part been a good child, she is though a "D" personality. She has an opinion and doesn't mind letting you know it.

Emily will graduate in December from VSU with a degree in Early Childhood Education. That is a semester early. We are very proud of her. Since Emily was in about the 6th grade she has wanted to be a teacher, before then it was a lawyer( and she would have made a very good one). Emily has a gift with young children, something rare. She can take a group of any age 5th grade and down that most people can't seem to do anything with and have them sitting in a circle around her in total awe. It is amazing how she can control a group of rowdy children. It is a true gift. My granddaughter is just a little spoilt, ok a lot spoilt Emily is the one who makes her mind at our house, I try I really do but with those big blue eyes she knows that I am just putty in her hands. Another example of M's gift(that is her nickname because Lexi couldn't say the letter E so she called Emily Me-Me. We really think she was calling her Meanie) was one night at my son's baseball game, his game hadn't started yet and we walked over to watch our music director's oldest son's game. His little brother was running around the bleachers climbing on the fence and Trav was trying to take pictures of Kellen. We sat down on the bleachers and M got Adain to come and sit with us. I left to watch my son play and she stayed with Adain (his mom was at a meeting at school, she is a teacher) he sat on the bleachers the rest of the game and did not move. Trav said he could not believe it, he ask her if she threaten him and M said no she just told him to sit there with her. I have watched her with the kindergarten class she teaches at church it is amazing how she controls their attention. She can even keep pre-schoolers occupied.

To show how much patience she has, M and her boyfriend of 6 years are taking Lexi to Wild Adventures today. M called Lexi last night at her Ninny's (my husbands mother) to ask what she was doing today, Lexi said "Well since my momma has to work I guess I will have to stay at Ninny's again." M ask if she wanted to go to Wild Adventures and Lexi screamed yes dropped the phone and ran off the tell ninny that she was going to Wild Adventures. After about 5 minutes poppy came and hung the phone up. We went over to ninny and poppy's last night to get Lexi so she could spend the night with us, both Lexi and Dalton(her little 2 year old brother) came running out of the house. I went to the porch to get Dalton and he was standing there hollering MeMe get me MeMe get me, no Nanna MeMe get me. My grandchildren don't even care about me when MeMe is around. Go figure. She is going to be a great mother some day.

M has grown into such an amazing young woman, I can't believe how the time has passed so quickly. I have seen her grow in the Lord also, she has a deep relationship with her savior. I know that we are raising her to be independent and I have to let her test her wings and fly, but I hope she doesn't fly to far because I will miss her terribly.

Happy 21st Birthday Emily!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

No pictures of me, on one likes to operate my camara. That's ok the park ranger at St.George Island kept trying to put me back in the water, (thought I was a beached whale). Gotta loose some weight. My oldest daughter says that there should be a load limit on spandex, and if you weight over 125# you should not wear a bikni. Nobody wants to see that much meat, when they aren't at the meat counter. I wish you could listen to her she is a hoot, too funny. I love her she always keeps everyone around her in sitches.


Cory and book, he is suppose to be studying.
Beau and his hole, Dalton thinks it is his private swimmin hole.

The whole gang

This is the life

Shark is a little hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is one cute dude!!!!!!!!!!!

Here are some pictures of our mini family vacation. We had a great time. I was so glad all my children were there also my precious grandchildren. Randi,(my oldest) Dalton, Lexi, Emily(My youngest daughter,middle child don't tell her) Beau my baby, and Cory- Emily's beau, and the love of my life Mr. Wonderful.


Wow it's been along time since I've posted. A lot has been going on around here just nothing I think is very interesting to write about.

Spring football practice is over, my son is thankful for that, 6:30 comes mighty early, he took U.S.History AP exam, he's glad that's over, didn't have to take any finals( exempted them all) woo hooo!!!!!!!! School is out and now the fun begins. He is off to Impact this week gets back on Friday night we get clothes washed and packed and he leaves Sunday for Black Mountain NC, will be back the following Friday. He escapes summer football workouts for one more week. Then off to wrestling camp. How is that boy gonna get a summer job if he is never home this summer?

We have a section in our local newspaper titled "Rant's and Raves", someone posted in there about teenagers not doing anything constructive durning the summer like working a job. They suggested that all teenagers needed to line up at the unemployment office to be hired out as field hands. Something about our youth being lazy. I didn't write a comment but I would have like too. My first question would have been just where and who do you think would hire a 16 year old? I have tried to get my son a job in the field( we have migrant labor here)and no one want to hire a (white)youth. I wanted him to see what hard backbreaking work was like so to encourage him to continue his education. He is an A student and wants to go to college. I would love for him to have a summer job, not a lot of places can hire 16 year old. You have to be 18 to operate any equipment, and as high as gas is working a couple of hours a day isn't worth the money.

Yes he does need the responsibly of working, but I guess that is what football workouts are doing since they have to be there at 7:00am every morning. Later on in the summer they will work out at 6:00pm also. All in all he will stay busy this summer.

Emily finished spring semester, May mester, and then will begin summer semester on June 11, she has really got her plate full this summer also. With the classes she is taking and the time driving from Valdosta it really cuts down on her work hours. Oh well God will provide!!!!!!

Hope everone is enjoying the begenning of summer"vacation" lol.