Thursday, July 24, 2008

4th of July

We got together at my mother-in-laws for the fourth of July. I got my family together and had my niece take our picture. M wanted to know why I didn't tell them ahead of time so her and her sister could have worn makeup. Sometimes you just have to surprise them. Our oldest is pregnant with her 3rd so I am planning on a family picture after this baby arrives. She, yes we know that it is a girl will be here on James 55 birthday. How fitting, Randi was born on our 3rd wedding anniversary so this baby being born on James' birthday is pretty cool.

Dalton is hollering in an empty grain bin to hear it echo. He thinks that is so funny. The humor of a 2 year old.

M in his swing is too funny, and him swinging her. Mother and daughter moment how sweet. This is my niece Lori she is 15 days older than Beau.
Hope every one had a great 4th sorry this is so late. Oh well at least I got it posted.

Can't Believe My Eyes

I can't really figure out how to start this. We had a visitor at our house the other day. Now we do live in the country, but not that far back in the woods. We do have electricity and running water and indoor plumbing, so this was really a shock.

My husband has teased me for a long time that my family was the Beverly Hillbillies, anyone remember that show. Can I help it that my mother cooked on a woodstove ( and the year was 1978), or that she raised baby goats behind that said stove, or that we had chickens, and a cow and hog. Oh and did I mention that she kinda of favoried Granny, my daddy sorta looked like uncle Jed but what stinks is that I didn't look anything like Elly Mae. When kids now days talk about "old skool" they have no idea.

Now I know you nice city folk have never seen such as this before,in real life, maybe in pictures!!!!!!!!! It was really to much for me too. Some of you have never even had a mouse in your house let alone something like this.

And without futhur adoo............... Yes that is what you think it is a "POSSUM"
How that creature got into our house is beyond me. And to make things worse it likes rice. Thats how we found out we had this creature in our house.

You see my husband works late on thursday nights, so I leave his supper on the stove for him. Well we heard something and thought it was James fixing his plate only to discover this with its head in the rice pot. Thank goodness for brooms and big trash cans.

Ok to all my friends that eat my cookin all is well, critter is back in the wild. Bleach and a good scrub brush will clean anything.

So to Lysa TerKeurst that little spyder that was in your hair can't even touch this.
Check out Lysa's blog to read about her little experience.


OK so its been a while but life has been happening here. It doesn't seem like school has even been out. Beau has had football almost every day and M has gone to summer school. Hope she can pass her math finals. If not and she doesn't pass this math class she will not get to start student teaching in the fall.

I know that this seems like a trivial thing to most people, but to her it is very important. She has worked very hard to finish early and it seems like this professor is going to be her stumbling block. I want to go to the school and "snatch a knot" in this guy (my carnal self coming out) when I should be praying for him. Now don't get me wrong I am praying for him and M's passing his class( did I mention that math is her best subject?).

Oh let me get on my soap box while I'm at it, this isn't the only thing going on. Do you know that you still have to pay your whole tuition when you student teach? Plus a 100.00 extra dollars. Now that doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me. M won't even set foot on the campus for the WHOLE semester and the whole tuition has to be paid.
Here is a breakdown:
Parking fees: she won't be there to park.....Priceless
Student Activity fees: she won't be there to be active..... Priceless
Student Teaching fee:100.00 ????????????........Priceless
Tuition:2100.00 for what no body is going to be teaching her she is going to be doing the teaching!!!!!!!!!!!!.........Priceless
etc...etc...etc... and to top all of this off when you student teach you do the teaching and the school system you teach in gets a teacher for a semester at not cost to them. Something just isn't right here. M does get the Hope what am I fussing about when all it is really costing us is 400.00 dollars. I just can't figure out for the life of me why so much when student teachers are not even going to be at the college. LIFE go figure. And do you know that you have to pay $125.00 for them to look at you graduation application. WHAT aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Quick somebody get me a Carmel Moolate before somebody get hurt.

Just 3 more days and 3 more tests she can do it, she can do it. As I keep telling her we are gonna pray her through this summer semester. So will all my cyber- friends unite in helping me pray for my daughter and her finishing school. She will be a wonderful teacher. I know that God has called her to do this because she has such a way with young children. She really cares!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks again
Your sister in Christ