Friday, August 8, 2008


Coach Propst and his staff.

Here is our 2008 Packer Football Team.

#58 is My son. He is so handsome.

Coach "D" and his men!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Beau is a Linebacker and this is what Coach D coaches. We love us some football here in South Ga. We are just 45 miles from Winnersville, ( ESPN awarded this title to the winningest town in the Nation.)Valdosta Ga home of the Lowndes Co Vikings, Valdosta Wildcats, and Home to VSU Blazers 2007 Nationl Champs,Whoo Hoo go Georgia!!!!!
We have the 2-aday coach Rush Propst from Hoover Al as our head football coach. He has brought with him several years of experience, maybe he can turn our team around into a winning team again. We went 2-6 last season, not to good a record.

Well if you are a football fan in your town, and if you have a child that plays let me know. I'm just nosey like that!!!!!!!!

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