Monday, February 8, 2010


Well I need to apologize to people who have read my blog and then came back and nothing new has been posted in like forever.
Lots has been going on in the House of Nobility. I am a full time student now, My youngest daughter(our middle) is getting married in April. My son will graduate from high school in May and I will be 1/2 century old. WOW!!!!

My photography business is starting to get off the ground, taking more pictures. I really love to take pictures and this year I have had the opportunity to hone my skills. I did allot of football pictures this year. We had a fantastic football season. We made it into the last round of the playoffs. Never thought it could have been possible. Our seniors went out on a winning season. They won more games this year than they had since the seventh grade. "Love me some Packer Football." Looking forward to being on the field next year photographing from the sidelines.

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