Thursday, January 24, 2008

He's still working on me..........

Hello blogger world, this will be an interesting journey for me. I am so enthralled at all of the wonderful writers out there. So much wisdom and insite. I have been reading and enjoying the blogs for quite some time now and God has been moving me to post also. Why I don't know yet, maybe to give insite to some one who is going through what I have been through or am going through at present? Only God knows and only he will reveal in his divine timing.
I am not a writer or speaker as so many of the post I read are. Just a plain ole mom with a plain ole job and three pretty amazing children. Oh did I mention the perfect (yeah right!!!!!) grandchildren. I am married to my plain ole "Prince Charming". As I said I am not a writer I do journel alot, pray alot( who dosen't with three children one of whom just turned 16) and attend church alot. As our oldest daughter would tell vistors to our church she had a drug problem. Her daddy and momma drug her to church every time the doors were opened. Didn't seem to help as she does not attend any church regulary at this time. She attends three times..........a year, you know Christmas, Easter and Mothers Day. Ok more on my prodigal daughter later.
I look forward to hearing from experinced bloggers with more info and insite on the working of this technology.
He still working on me.................

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