Sunday, April 20, 2008

The "Eyes" have it
The "Eyes" have it Making you eyes pop is what make up is all about, I know we use foundation to even out skin tone and to give us an even looking complexion. But one of the first things you want people to notice is your eyes. If you are blue eyed try using a brown eyeliner, green eyes try a sage eyeliner, brown eyes use black or sable. Always use an eye primer before applying eye makeup as it will help with creasing and it keeps your shadow on longer.Start with a light color on the entire lid then proceed to the lid using contrasting colors for the lid and crease. If you have cap eyelids make a crease in you lid. Look down into a mirror and make a line where your crease should be blend this line with a eyeshadow brush. I wish I could find my clip art for this. You can go to for the latest tips.

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Van said...

Thanks for the eye color reminders. You are right - the eyes do have it. Not only are eyes beautiful, they are revealing. I can take one look into someone's eyes and tell you a whole lot about their heart. May we always stop to gently care for one another.