Thursday, June 5, 2008

No pictures of me, on one likes to operate my camara. That's ok the park ranger at St.George Island kept trying to put me back in the water, (thought I was a beached whale). Gotta loose some weight. My oldest daughter says that there should be a load limit on spandex, and if you weight over 125# you should not wear a bikni. Nobody wants to see that much meat, when they aren't at the meat counter. I wish you could listen to her she is a hoot, too funny. I love her she always keeps everyone around her in sitches.

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Barbara Pask said...

Hi Kay, I appreciate you visiting my blog. I thought I'd check out your blog too. Isn't blogging fun. Your family photos are wonderful. You look to have a great life with lots of loving family around you. Stop back by. Take care, Barb