Thursday, June 5, 2008


Wow it's been along time since I've posted. A lot has been going on around here just nothing I think is very interesting to write about.

Spring football practice is over, my son is thankful for that, 6:30 comes mighty early, he took U.S.History AP exam, he's glad that's over, didn't have to take any finals( exempted them all) woo hooo!!!!!!!! School is out and now the fun begins. He is off to Impact this week gets back on Friday night we get clothes washed and packed and he leaves Sunday for Black Mountain NC, will be back the following Friday. He escapes summer football workouts for one more week. Then off to wrestling camp. How is that boy gonna get a summer job if he is never home this summer?

We have a section in our local newspaper titled "Rant's and Raves", someone posted in there about teenagers not doing anything constructive durning the summer like working a job. They suggested that all teenagers needed to line up at the unemployment office to be hired out as field hands. Something about our youth being lazy. I didn't write a comment but I would have like too. My first question would have been just where and who do you think would hire a 16 year old? I have tried to get my son a job in the field( we have migrant labor here)and no one want to hire a (white)youth. I wanted him to see what hard backbreaking work was like so to encourage him to continue his education. He is an A student and wants to go to college. I would love for him to have a summer job, not a lot of places can hire 16 year old. You have to be 18 to operate any equipment, and as high as gas is working a couple of hours a day isn't worth the money.

Yes he does need the responsibly of working, but I guess that is what football workouts are doing since they have to be there at 7:00am every morning. Later on in the summer they will work out at 6:00pm also. All in all he will stay busy this summer.

Emily finished spring semester, May mester, and then will begin summer semester on June 11, she has really got her plate full this summer also. With the classes she is taking and the time driving from Valdosta it really cuts down on her work hours. Oh well God will provide!!!!!!

Hope everone is enjoying the begenning of summer"vacation" lol.


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