Thursday, July 24, 2008


OK so its been a while but life has been happening here. It doesn't seem like school has even been out. Beau has had football almost every day and M has gone to summer school. Hope she can pass her math finals. If not and she doesn't pass this math class she will not get to start student teaching in the fall.

I know that this seems like a trivial thing to most people, but to her it is very important. She has worked very hard to finish early and it seems like this professor is going to be her stumbling block. I want to go to the school and "snatch a knot" in this guy (my carnal self coming out) when I should be praying for him. Now don't get me wrong I am praying for him and M's passing his class( did I mention that math is her best subject?).

Oh let me get on my soap box while I'm at it, this isn't the only thing going on. Do you know that you still have to pay your whole tuition when you student teach? Plus a 100.00 extra dollars. Now that doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me. M won't even set foot on the campus for the WHOLE semester and the whole tuition has to be paid.
Here is a breakdown:
Parking fees: she won't be there to park.....Priceless
Student Activity fees: she won't be there to be active..... Priceless
Student Teaching fee:100.00 ????????????........Priceless
Tuition:2100.00 for what no body is going to be teaching her she is going to be doing the teaching!!!!!!!!!!!!.........Priceless
etc...etc...etc... and to top all of this off when you student teach you do the teaching and the school system you teach in gets a teacher for a semester at not cost to them. Something just isn't right here. M does get the Hope what am I fussing about when all it is really costing us is 400.00 dollars. I just can't figure out for the life of me why so much when student teachers are not even going to be at the college. LIFE go figure. And do you know that you have to pay $125.00 for them to look at you graduation application. WHAT aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Quick somebody get me a Carmel Moolate before somebody get hurt.

Just 3 more days and 3 more tests she can do it, she can do it. As I keep telling her we are gonna pray her through this summer semester. So will all my cyber- friends unite in helping me pray for my daughter and her finishing school. She will be a wonderful teacher. I know that God has called her to do this because she has such a way with young children. She really cares!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks again
Your sister in Christ

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