Thursday, July 24, 2008

Can't Believe My Eyes

I can't really figure out how to start this. We had a visitor at our house the other day. Now we do live in the country, but not that far back in the woods. We do have electricity and running water and indoor plumbing, so this was really a shock.

My husband has teased me for a long time that my family was the Beverly Hillbillies, anyone remember that show. Can I help it that my mother cooked on a woodstove ( and the year was 1978), or that she raised baby goats behind that said stove, or that we had chickens, and a cow and hog. Oh and did I mention that she kinda of favoried Granny, my daddy sorta looked like uncle Jed but what stinks is that I didn't look anything like Elly Mae. When kids now days talk about "old skool" they have no idea.

Now I know you nice city folk have never seen such as this before,in real life, maybe in pictures!!!!!!!!! It was really to much for me too. Some of you have never even had a mouse in your house let alone something like this.

And without futhur adoo............... Yes that is what you think it is a "POSSUM"
How that creature got into our house is beyond me. And to make things worse it likes rice. Thats how we found out we had this creature in our house.

You see my husband works late on thursday nights, so I leave his supper on the stove for him. Well we heard something and thought it was James fixing his plate only to discover this with its head in the rice pot. Thank goodness for brooms and big trash cans.

Ok to all my friends that eat my cookin all is well, critter is back in the wild. Bleach and a good scrub brush will clean anything.

So to Lysa TerKeurst that little spyder that was in your hair can't even touch this.
Check out Lysa's blog to read about her little experience.


"B" His Girl said...

Hi Kay

Thanks for stopping by Turtle Tuesdays. Glad it was refreshing! I love your critter story. Why didn't you wash that pot in the cement pond? You are so right about your critter story being at the top of the post. We had an incident today with a bumble bee. I think Lysa's tick in her hair beats my B but she doesn't have nothing on you girl!
B His Girl.

Dawn Ward said...

Oh Kay! That is hilarious! Being from the country myself, I have seen more than my fair share of possums. However, most of them were dead in the road! Ha! Ha! They ain't real bright, now are they?

Maybe your's was smarter than most since he managed to make it in the house alive. :-)