Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Today was a tought day for a friend of my son."R"is one of my unbirthed children. He has a mom and dad it is that he is at my house more than his. They started baseball tryouts yesterday and "R" got cut. "R" dosen't play any other sport just baseball. My son on the other hand plays football, runs cross country, wrestles, and we hope makes the baseball team. He hasen't been able to try out yet because he hasen't finished wrestling season.

I am one of those people who try to fix things, I know life isn't fair and I do not agree with that. I want life to be fair. I want every child to be given a chance to make the team. If you have to many kids make another team is my way of thinking. You see my husband and I coached midget league, farm league, and pony league In midget we had the only girl and the 3 youngest kids in the league. We played every kid on the team. They would alternate in one time and play the field one time they played alternate innings and we batted the whole team. We came in 3rd in the league. We would have won the league that year but lost the championship game on a triple play.

You see I was not athletic in school I did not find my ability until I was in my early 20's. Guess I was a late bloomer. I have three children and my youngest daughter(she is the middle child but don't tell her that) is not athletic yet either. She is a life guard at the Y and is a very good one but don't ask her to walk and chew gum at the same time. She could suffer serious injury.

When I found out "R" got cut my mother instinct took over, I wanted to pull out the Band-aids and make the "boo-boo better. There was nothing Icould say to a 15 year old to make the pain go away. Do I think he is as good as the ones that were left today....yes...but I'm not the coach. I can quote scripture to him and "tell him that all thing work for good according to Gods plan", will that make him feel any better today. No. Does it make me hurt any less for him today. No. Do they make Band-aids for the heart? No. If they did the person that invented them would never have to work again.

Will this leave a lasting scar on "R", maybe not but you never know. Young lives are so fragile and hearts are so tender. Will I be there to help him through this you betcha I will. Maybe I will even encourage him to look at other sports: tennis, golf,track,(naw he don't run so fast, I can beat him). We'll pick up the shatter pieces of his heart and prove to him that life will go on.

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