Monday, February 4, 2008


Family one of the groups we take for granted. No matter what kind of mood we are in we are nice to strangers, but not family. We will jump them in a heartbeat. Let a child leave a dirty towel on the bathroom floor and we go balistic, husband dosen't put his underware in the dirty clothes hamper ( he never has in 28 years of marriage) and we blow up like a puffer fish-run our lips out like a two year old and say nothing is wrong when asked. Why do we do this, human nature? I must of missed that chapter in the manuel of human relations. I need to go back and read it again. We let coworkers take the credit for a project we worked hours, days,and weeks on and get mad at some one at our home for leaving the cap off the toothpaste. How stupid.

Why am I raving so madly today. We all do it. We should love our family undconditionaly, just as Christ loves us. We don't we set guide lines. Ok you follow all the rules today and I will love you. What little idioschyrocies do we have that drive our husbands and children crazy? Our poor children can't say mom the way you fold my socks and underware drives me crazy. They know the wrath they will suffer. My 20 year old whose has always had an opinion of her own explained to me the other day that she did not want her jeans hung up so the would have a crease down the middle at which I explained to her she could fold her own jeans..........

If you have read some of my earlier post you know we lost a 10 year old cousin to lukemia, well yesterday a coworker of mine lost her 19 year old daughter in a horrific car accident. I am very troubled because I do not belive the coworker is saved. She has a very vulgar mouth, I don't see any fruit or works, do not get me wrong I am not judging her just concerned. My point being in this does it matter that my mother tought me to put the creases together and hang up pants and M dosen't like them hung up that!!!!!!!! She could be gone tomorrow and who would care how the pants were hung up. So the towel misses the towel rack and lands on the floor remind them again to try to hit the rack and help mom out just a little bit more. Does getting mad help any thing or any one,no, it certanly dosen't help me only make satan happy. That is the last thing I want to do as a Christian.

So the next time a family member pushes one of you buttons just stop and think is it worth it because this is not the last memory I want to have of them. As I said before I will get up early just to see my children before they leave for school to tell them I love them and I will see them later. I will kiss my husband goodbye as I pick up his dirty underware and carry them to the washer. Life is to short to let satan steal my joy from me with stupid things.

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