Friday, February 8, 2008

Valentines Day

What ya'll getting for Valentines Day. Wanna know what I'm gettin a new used van. You see the one I drive has 199497 miles on it. It only has 3 gears left reverse, 2nd and low. What says I love you more that transportation. My husband is so romantic I can count on car parts for birthdays and anniveries, I got a starter for Christmas one year. Now don't get me wrong I get lots of things I want, last year I got the new cannon digital camera I wanted for my birthday. I found it on e-bay and won it. My birthday is in May and I won the camera in March. Then I found the DVD camcorder like I wanted, this time I bid on 3. Yes you read me right 3. Seems that if you really want something if you bid on mulitples you have a better chance of winning the one you want. Oh how lucky was I. I almost chocked when I got the email that said I was the winning bidder of all 3. How was I gonna explain that to my husband. Well he was very understanding, I sold one to a gentleman that I work with who was leaving the next week to go to Alaska to see his son, daughter-in-law and grandchildren. Couldn't seem to get rid of the other one, so I put it up saved it for my oldest daughter for her Christmas. So I do get good stuff I just have to buy it myself.

I was trying to deceide what to get my crew for Valentines Day. I got my husband one of those cards that plays music how cool is that. I also found cards for the girls that say exactly what I think about each one of them. I found one for my son that is just like him. Still I haden't deceided what to give each one of them. I went to Beau's room the other day to put something up and saw his little Precious Memoments bible laying on his dresser. It dawned on me that my child of 16 did not have a "grown up bible", no wonder he dosent' carry one to church. When did I miss that? Duh!!!!!!! Any way while I was at the Christian Book store I found him a teen bible, so that is what he is getting, what a better gift to give on Valentines Day the day of "love" than the book of love.

We saw a beautiful silver filagree heart in a sales flyer that came the other day that I think James and I might get for the girls. It was so delicate and beautiful like both of them.

Hope every one of you enjoys your Valentines Day. I know I will because the one who loves me the most loves me the most always.
( If the spelling is bad blame it on the spell check on this program it dosen't seem to want to work)

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Dawn Ward said...


Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and for your encouraging words about my "sick" day.

I'm glad I found your blog and will keep checking back now that I know where to find you.