Monday, February 11, 2008

Trash Can Monsters, does anyone out there have one besides me? They must exist because why would grown men, teen and pre-teen boys be afraid to take out the trash. I don't think they are visible to the female eye, or you have to have a special looking glass to see them. They tremble and run with fear at the thought of removing the over running trash bag and taking it to the canister at the edge of the street. What gives? I can pull the bag out no problem, nothing attacks me, I can take it to the canister at the edge of the street I'm still fine ( except for the night I took it out because the next day was trash pick up and the neighbors dog decided to greet me. The neighbors like to have lost a dog.) If they do remove the overflowing bag and I do mean overflowing it must be in the middle of the day with bright sunlight and no chance of clouds. Example of overflowing trash bag: place trash in can use size 10 foot to move trash to bottom of bin. Place more trash in bin use same size 10 foot to move trash to bottom of bin. When can becomes full you would think a man with a college degree and a son with a GPA of 97 could figure out that NO MORE will go in said can. Nope. Now we strategically place trash around edge of trash (we have a bin instead of a can) bin. I tried an experiment to see how long before they would remove said bag. They didn't they just got another bag and started filling it up. I love my strong handsome men, but since they are trash wimps I will take out the trash. Maybe they can clean the toilets?

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lp8265 said...

Read your comment on Lysa T's blog today. I wanted to tell you how sweet that is that your husband would actually go to the trouble to pick you flowers. Reminded me of a 5 Love Languages scenerio. Maybe his love language was acts of service.
Have a Happy Valentines Day