Monday, February 18, 2008

Mothers and Daughters

I have a friend who's daughter is riping her heart out. This daughter was given an engament ring last christmas 2006. My friend and her husband had a talk with said young man who gave said daughter the ring and explained to him that daughter and young man could marry after she finished school this summer. He enlisted in the Navy after graduation in 2006. Well it seems like he has convinced said young lady that he is so in "LOVE"(lust) with her he can't wait till summer. He has been on a ship for the last 6 months. They have to get married this week. He has explained every thing to her how he has worked it out. She can live at home till June then when he gets relocation orders they will move. He will finish making her car payment and pay the insurance. He wasen't paying attention to her parents when they explained to him that if she got married before she finished school this summer, she had to move out. No car, no phone, no place to live. She can't live with him, because he is stationed on the ship in Jacksonville.

I can't fathom where this young ladies mind is at. Well I can!! She has the Cinderella sydrome bad. She is ready to play house. I am going to give away my age here do any of you remember the song by Tammy Wynette "I just wanna play house"? A young mothers struggle with children and responsibilites. Life looked good from the outside now that she is there life dosen't look as good.

I really think this young lady is in for the hurt of her life. She can't see "the forest for the trees'" right now and she is convinced every one is trying to tend to her business. If she would only look and see that with age comes wisdom, and she has no age or wisdom, just raging horomones. We are only trying to get her to see past the physical of this marriage into the reality of what she can expect.

My prayer is for her and her mother today, that God will intervene and stop this wedding this week. I don't care that the child notice I said child, wants to marry this guy just wait and finish her education so she will be able to provide a living for herself when he moves her away from her family and friends. I know that when sailors are stationed on ships they go TDY for 6 months, that is a long time for someone with no family and no friends. Life can be miserable durning that time.

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MrsProverbs31 said...

Dear Kay,

Our people (Hmong) have a say, "Tsis pom dej dag siab tsis nqig." It means, Until you sea the dept of the waters, you will not be satisfied. It sounds like this girl is going through this syndrome. She may be resisting you all because, you try so hard to stop her (because you care).

I know that you don't want her to marry him because she's too young, but have peace with yourself, knowing that you've tried. Please, let her know you don't approve, but that if things don't work out, she can always come to you. Because if it doesn't work out, she will need a friend.

I didn't marry my husband young like her, but we were separated for seven months after our engagement and three months after our wedding due to my schooling. It was very difficult. There were temptations and trials, not just for me, but for him as well. He was in his thirties and I was in my 20s.

I tell you, she has no clue what marry life will bring into this. But, the way it sounds, she's not going to listen to you. However, the power of prayer works wonders.

Much love,